Ethical payment solutions

  1. Discover retreeb, a new means of payment, simple, practical, economical, which allows you to act in accordance with the universal values of ethics, sharing and solidarity.
  2. With reduced transaction fees at the lowest market price and no fixed fees, retreeb gives a very attractive commercial offer.
  3. The technology (DAG) developed by retreeb® is infinitely declinable depending on the affinity segment to which the service is directed.
Retailers: Get retreeb on your phone! Retailers: Get retreeb on your phone!

One payment technology, several uses

  1. GreenCoin, DînToken and BreizhCoin are the first declined versions of the retreeb® network:
  2. GreenCoin is aimed at the environmental community, a community federated around a global consensus on the climate emergency and leadership embodied by the young generations (millenials).
  3. DînToken targets the community of connected young Muslims. A community that has a powerful network effect and represents 900M of young digital natives and mobile firsts around the world.
  4. Other marketing variations, like the BreizhCoin for the Britanny, will be launched on the different affinity.
Customers: A whole new wallet!

Behind the project

  1. A team linked by years of professional collaboration.



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