How to stake ?

You need to own TREEB tokens to be able to stake. If you don’t already own TREEB, you can buy it on Spookyswap.

1. Go to Staking Platform

Click here or copy/paste this url in your dApp compatible browser :

Make sure you are connected to the Fantom Opera Network on your metamask.

2. Connect your Metamask Wallet to Retreeb

Simply click on the blue button "Connect your wallet with Metamask" and confirm in your metamask.

3. Choose a pool

You can choose between our 3 pools : quick pool, mid pool, deep pool. You can see the features of each pool on the frame on the right part of the screen.

Each pool has a different lock-up (quick pool locked until may 14th, mid pool until august 12th, deep pool until november 15th 2022).

4. Approve TREEB

Click on the "Approve TREEB" button and confirm in metamask. Please note that for the sake of security, each pool is on a different smart contract. You’ll have to approve TREEB several times if you want to stake on several pools.

5. Stake TREEB

Enter the amount you want to stake in the field and click on the "Stake" button. Confirm the transaction in metamask and wait a few seconds.
When you see the pop up that’s it, you’re done ! Congratulations !
PS : remember that each pool has a lock up period: if you stake in the quick pool you will not be able to unstake until may 14th, in the mid pool until august 12th and in the deep pool until november 15th.

How to claim your rewards ?

You need to have previously staked TREEB tokens to be able to claim your rewards.

1. Go to Staked & Claims

You can access this page by clicking on the Staked & Claims button in the navigation bar.

2. Claims

On the left, you can see the tokens you have staked.
If you have staked in several pools you can select / deselect pools.
Click on the "Claim" button. If you have selected several pools, you will have to confirm several transactions on metamask (each pool is on a different smart contract).

That’s it!